Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This Week's Menu

Thurs-- baked tilapia (w/ real lemon & Parmesan cheese) + steamed broccoli/shredded cheddar cheese + GF bread & butter

Fri-- shredded BBQ chicken + peas + tator tots

Sat-- AM: bacon + GF coffee cake + fruit
         PM: GF spaghetti & homemade sauce + salad

Sun-- Lunch: crockpot chicken (or pork) + salsa + potato cubes... over rice
         Supper: GF oatmeal Belgium waffles + leftover bacon + fruit (Yonanas?)

Mon-- GF Biscuits & homemade GF gravy + eggs + small batch of homemade Hollandaise sauce

Tue-- crockpot beef roast + sauteed green beans + GF cornbread

Weds-- clean-out-the-fridge soup + GF rolls


**Other Misc stuff I want to prepare for breakfasts, snacks, side dishes, etc... that I may/may not get to... :-)
-hard boiled eggs
-homemade granola + raisins
-GF Pumpkin choc chip muffins
-baked oatmeal
-sourdough soft pretzels
-homemade sugar free chocolates
-Squooshi purees for my 2yr old
-homemade mayo & ketchup & BBQ sauce & Ranch dressing
-bake spaghetti squash 


Making Bone Broth From Veggie Scraps and Carcasses

Gar... I wish these pictures weren't so dang blurry. They didn't look blurry on my phone. But when I transferred them to the computer, boom... blurry. To you my readers, I apologize. Hopefully you can get the gist of my post. :-) 
 So any time I have veggie scraps, like carrot & potato peels, cabbage leaves/cores, cauliflower & broccoli stems, onion ends, celery greens, zucchini peels, etc., I keep adding them to a "scrap bag" (just a freezer bag) that I store in the freezer until I've got a carcass or bone of some sort to which I want to make broth with. I leave out some things like cucumber peels cuz I just can't image that tasting good in broth. I also don't use the skins of onions-- just the ends. And no rotten parts that need to just get thrown away-- yuck. I only use GOOD/clean scraps.

Well, this week I finally had enough scraps and (2) carcasses from some fryer chickens I had prepared earlier this week. When pretty much all the meat had been picked off the bone, I threw ALL the bones and skin and fat and whatever else was left into a pot (along with my veggie scraps) in order to make some yummy bone broth.

Well, as you can tell, it was too much for my 6qt pot! Had to upgrade.


I used a huge soup pot for my broth! I don't even know how many quarts it can hold. But I certainly didn't fill it. This particular batch probably filled about 8qts. That's a lot. MOST of the time, my stuff fits into a 6qt easily.

Added water... enough to not just cover the carcasses and scraps, but also about a couple inches over.

Next, I chopped up an entire bulb of garlic. I also had 1/2 a lemon that was on it's last leg. Threw all that in.

We added spices like oregano, bay leaves, and garlic salt.

Bring to a boil, then drop to a simmer for approx 2 hours.

When it was done, it looked like this:

It's too hot to mess with right now. But when it cools, what I do is lay a thin, clean kitchen towel in a colander that has been placed in a big pot. I'll dump all this into the colander in order to strain it. All I want is the yummy (healthy) broth. The scraps and carcasses I simply just throw away. They have done their job.

If I want to, I will leave the broth in the fridge overnight and the next day scrape off the fat that has risen to the surface. I'll do that especially if the bone or carcass I'm working with is really fatty, like with pork. Usually, there isn't too much to scrape off so I don't usually mess with this step. I'll simply start pouring the (fully cooled) broth into freezer bags. When the bags are mostly filled, I'll seal it and freeze it for later use.

This stuff is seriously awesome! We use broth all.the.time... for other recipes (ANYTHING that calls for broth or stock), steaming veggies, cooking rice or quinoa (in place of water)... we also will reheat it whenever someone is getting sick. There are SO MANY amazing immuno-boosting properties to bone broth! Who doesn't like a bowl of hot broth when they're feeling ill?!

It's just funny to me. What many consider garbage: carcasses and veggies scraps, are actually QUITE useful! Why waste all those nutrients?! Use them!

Make some broth!