Thursday, July 16, 2015

All Time *Fav* GF Snack


We use official Whirley-Pop poppers and cook with a generous amount of coconut oil. It is OH so yummy!
Popcorn is such "our thing" we buy Whirley-Pop & popcorn/coconut oil & salt combos for all our friends and family that don't have any yet! Perfect for gifts!
We have a rural home & farm store nearby that sells gigantic bags of popcorn kernels that are non-GMO. Pops perfect. I believe it's Jolly Time/Gold Mine brand.
We seriously eat this multiple times a week! YUM.
In fact, I could go for some now actually...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup

So I've never been a big fan of canned Cream of Mushroom soup, be it gluten FULL or gluten FREE. It's just kinda yuck. So when my mother-in-law made this soup one day, I was slightly hesitant to even try it. Low expectations. But I was so blown away! I could seriously have sat down to a bowl of JUST this soup! Even my KIDS ate it! It was/is just so yummy yummy! HAVE to share this with you, my readers, so that you too may enjoy this delicious awesomeness.

This recipe was originally prepared as a gluten FULL recipe so I have modified it to make it gluten-FREE. Works either way.

I've never measured it all to see how many "cans" this one batch makes (1 can = 10 oz.)-- but you could easily measure the final product in a kitchen scale and divvy it out into separate bags to freeze for later use.

In a large saucepan, combine 8oz thinly sliced mushrooms, 2 C boiling water, 3 chicken bouillon cubes (or [5] 3/4 t chicken soup base paste-- this is what I use), & 2 T finely chopped onion. Bring to a boil, drop to a simmer, cover, and simmer for 20 min.

When done, it will look something like this.

Here's the stuff you'll need for the other saucepan:
1/4 C butter & 3 C milk.
Combine in a small bowl 3 T GF all-purpose flour, 1 t salt, & pinch of pepper.

In a separate saucepan, melt the butter. Blend in the flour mixture. Gradually add milk. Cook, stirring until thickened. (Basically, you're making a gravy or white sauce.)
When done, it'll look something like this:

Add flour/milk mixture to the mushroom mixture.

Stir until combined!

A huge supper favorite at our house is Tater Tot Skillet.
We're feeding an army over here (LOL) so I will use the entire Cr of Mush soup recipe with 2 lbs of ground beef. For a smaller family, I'd use 1/2 the Cr of Mush soup recipe with 1 lb ground beef.

I brown the ground beef (often with chopped onions & garlic) and then drain the oil off. Then I'll combine it with the Cr of Mush soup, add a bag of mixed veggies (we like the peas, carrots, corn & green bean medley), and heat through. While this is cooking on the stove top, I will prepare a bag of tater tots in the oven. They usually finish around the same time. I'll also shred a block of sharp cheddar cheese to sprinkle over the top.

Tots on the bottom, meat/veggie/soup mix poured over next, then topped with sharp cheddar cheese.
It is SO good!

Another way to serve this is in a big 9x13 baking dish, casserole style.
Layer in the following order: ground beef, Cr of Mush soup, mixed veggies, frozen tots, and finally shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Loosely cover with aluminum foil. Bake until it's bubbly and the tots are obviously cooked through, about 1 hr.

I'm usually so much in a hurry though that I don't have time to throw a casserole together.
But I have been known to do this a time or two. :-p
Tasty regardless of how it's prepared!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What's For Dinner?

So GF crackers can sometimes, in general, tend to be, well, um... lacking. But these crackers were SO good even my non-GF-er's were asking repeatedly to eat them. They liked these hands-down more than gluten-full crackers! These are big squares of crunchy salty goodness. Not so big you couldn't eat it in one bite-- but also not so small you couldn't top it with cheese or other goodies. They were perfect and were given a 2 thumbs up from my big fam!

And for supper, we had GF beef & veggie noodle soup to go with the crackers.
What's in this?:
-leftover chuck roast chopped up
-Tinkyada brown rice macaroni noodles
-spinach (de-stemmed)
-onion & garlic
-beef base (I use Das Dutchman Essenhaus brand)
-marjoram, black pepper, celery seed, red pepper flakes, 2 bay leaves, garlic salt to taste
Threw all this in a 6 qt pot and added enough water to fill the pot 3/4 full. Brought to a boil, dropped to a simmer and cooked until veggies are tender.
**Can most definitely be made into smaller batches. We just need lots cuz we have 8 mouths to feed. :-)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hot German Potato Salad

Seriously, my most favorite (and Hubby's most fav) potato salad recipe.

Hot. Bacon. Slight vinegar kick to it. So so abundantly yummy!

The original recipe was gluten-FULL... but I simply substituted the "flour" for my own homemade King Arthur all-purpose blend and it turns out perfectly!

Here's a quick excerpt on how to make your own all-purpose GF blend:
Whisk together 6 cups (32 ounces) King Arthur stabilized brown rice flour*; 2 cups (10 3/4 ounces) potato starch; and 1 cup (4 ounces) tapioca flour or tapioca starch. Store airtight at room temperature. Note: You can substitute white rice flour for the brown rice flour if you like; it'll make your baked goods grittier (unless you manage to find a finely ground version).
*I've had good luck with just plain brown rice flour

Ok... here's the recipe for this awesomeness:

3 lbs potatoes (about 9 med OR 4 lrg-- I always weigh it out with my kitchen scale)
6 C water
3 tsp salt
6 slices of bacon (keep grease!)
3/4 C chopped onion
2 Tbl GF all-purpose flour
2 Tbl sugar
2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp celery seed
Dash of pepper
3/4 C water
1/3 C white vinegar
-Wash/scrub potatoes. Remove eyes. Cube. Set aside in a large bowl.
-Bring 6 cups of water and 3 tsp of salt to a boil in a large pot (I use a 6qt). Add potatoes. Return to a boil; drop to a simmer; cover; simmer for approx 20 min.s or until potatoes are tender. Drain in colander. Set aside.
In a small bowl, combine GF flour, sugar, salt, celery seed, and pepper. Set aside.
In a small bowl, combine water and vinegar. Set aside.
In a large skillet (love me some cast iron!), fry bacon until crisp. Remove bacon slices. (When cool, crumble them.) Cook onion in the bacon grease until golden brown. Stir in flour mixture. Remove from heat and stir in water/vinegar mixture. Heat to boiling, stirring constantly. It'll get thick.
Add bacon and potatoes to this flour & vinegar mixture. Stir until potatoes are coated well.
Eat. Enjoy. It's YUM-O!